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External linkNetgear product page


Internal Picture

OEM Firmware

The OEM firmware is Linux kernel 2.4.20 version of External linkLEAF. This uses the Linux Router Project *.lrp files.
See link under support

Alternate Firmware

External linkLinux 2.6 Kernel
openwrt is stil a WIP.
The Linux distribution on the box is already easily accessible.

Support knowledgebase and firmware download

External linkSupport

Misc Notes & Links

Modifications / Addon's


Just started looking at this device. It's interesting for a number of reasons:

12/12/05 - Apparently this product has just been made obsolete by netgear. So get one now if you want one.

Firmware hacking

Kernel starts at 0x00000000 and a JFFS2 Filesystem at 0x00140000

JFFS2 starts with magic 0x1895

extract the filesystem:
   dd if=wgt634u_1_4_1_9.img bs=1 > rootfs.jffs2

mount it:
To mount a jffs2 filesystem you need to use the mtdram device. You may also need to creat the device to mount ( mknod /dev/mtdblock0 b 31 0 )

   modprobe mtdcore
   modprobe mtdpart
   modprobe mtdram totalsize=32768 erasesize=256
   modprobe jffs2
   dd if=rootfs2 of=/dev/mtdblock0
   mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 ./mnt

Inside is a bunch of lrp packages. On boot the device creates a ramfs then unpacks the .lrp packages into it. A .lrp is a simple package inside a tar.gz archive.

[dna@koen mnt]$ ls
boa.lrp dnsmasq.lrp hotplug.lrp modules.lrp pptp.lrp shorwall.lrp zebra.lrp
bpalogin.lrp etc.lrp iptables.lrp nfqueue.lrp proftpd.lrp smtpclient.lrp
bridge.lrp ezipupd.lrp linuxigd.lrp ntpdate.lrp root.lrp telnetd.lrp
dhcpcd.lrp firmware.version lrpkg.cfg ppp.lrp rp-pppoe.lrp wgt634u-gui.lrp
dhcpd.lrp gpio.lrp mawk.lrp pppoe.lrp samba.lrp wireless-tools.lrp

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