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Microsoft Windows XP (often shortened to just XP) is a proprietry 32-bit OperatingSystem that runs on recent Intel personal computers. XP supposedly stands for experience.

Codenamed Whistler, XP is version 5.1 of the WindowsNT product family. It features a skinnable user interface and the same 'Start' menu that we tend to have a love or hate relationship with. The optimised server version of XP is known as Windows Server 2003.

Wireless Stuff

Theres a Service running under XP called the "Wireless Zero Configuration" service, this handles the searching and auto-association of APs and peers that you have configured via the "View wireless networks" configuration process.
If you have a card that just wont work under XP, try disabling this service and relying on the Configuration utility that came with the hardware. YMMV.

NetStumbler, and especially the new .4 version, now supports many cards previously unsupported under XP.

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