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On External linkJuly 2nd 2002, the External linkStanding Committee on Communications, Information Technology and the Arts External linkInquiry into Wireless Broadband Technologies requested of Tyson Clugg that External linkMelbourne Wireless should report on how a Code of Practice could be developed in conjunction with the External linkAustralian Communications Authority to ensure that External linkMelbourne Wireless is able to satisfy legal obligations imposed by various legislation.



This document is for the moment only a guide as to how a Code of Practice can be developed to help members satisfy legal obligations imposed by legislation. Most legislation makes specific External linkprovision for the development of Industry codes and Industry standards.

Relevant Legislation

Government Bodies

External linkThe Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) :Telephone: +61 2 6271 1000
Fax: +61 2 6271 1901

External linkThe Australian Communications Authority (ACA) :Telephone: +61 3 9963 6800
Fax: +61 3 9963 6899

Industry Groups


TysonClugg - After speaking with various people from the ACA, it has become clear that little progress can be made with respect to the Telecommunications Act becuase of a lack of clarity in current regulations. DCITA is in the process of providing clarification to intended interpretation of the act, the outcome of which will shape any development of codes related to the Telecommunications Act.

Wireless Code of Practice

Explanatory Statement
Reference to associated codes and regulations
Provide guides to laws and regulations
Training and competence
Provide testing of equipment
Disciplinary action
Work to develop and improve guidelines

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