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+### Index ### 
+! Overview 
+Its rather simple.  Rewrite each edit as an email, and use existing spam tools to classify the edit.  Bayesian filters should work fantastically well for this application, though I can't think of any good reasons why more traditional filters such as (http://www.spamassassin.org/ SpamAssassin) won't work. 
+! Wiki as Email 
+!! Headers 
+Most of the headers in this application are defunct, but well formed headers will help the filters work their magic in the correct fashion. 
+!! Content 
+The content is a little tricky.  Do we simply supply the raw wiki text, or do we render into HTML?  Which content do we include - everything or just the diff?  Initially I think that the diff text in raw form should be enough, rendering into HTML is probably a good idea at a later date. 
+! Filtering 
+!! Bayesian Filtering 
+The regular benefits of Bayesian filtering over other methods should apply equally as well on a wiki as in email.  As with any Bayesian filtering, the system needs to be trained and so the training interface will probably be the most cumbersome component of our anti-wiki-spam coding. 
+!! !SpamAssassin 
+!SpamAssassin's default rules would need to be tweaked by use of a custom config file, as various tests (eg: MIME_HTML_ONLY) are useless in this context. 
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