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 * Small, single card boxes, with support for [DHCP], [NAT], etc all you need to access the wireless network at home, but with a limit of around ten clients 
 * Larger, double card boxes, designed more for enterprise networks.  These models tend to support [SNMP] management and up to 50 simultaneous clients. 
+The [Linux] [HostAP] driver allows a wireless [Client Client Card] to emulate an Access Point.  This has certain advantages in some situations as it gives more hardware and software options having an Access Point inside a PC. 
 There's also the [OpenAP] project (and also AirportLinux) that convert a commercial AccessPoint to run Linux, or you can use a generic PC Unix and (http://www.live.com/wireless/unix-base-station.html configure it) appropriately (although at this stage, it does not actually support [BSS] mode operation). 
 Also there is a (http://forums.netstumbler.com/showthread.php?s=5df34487e355945f16e13add0243854c&threadid=575&perpage=15&highlight=hermes&pagenumber=1 Windows hack) to enable [BSS] mode for some hardware. 
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 * [ManagedMode Managed Mode] 
 * [MasterMode Master Mode] - see [HostApMode] 
 While these names mean different things depending on whether you want your device to act as a [Client] or Access Point, they are all covered by the [BasicServiceSet Basic Service Set]. 
+Some newer Access Points can do more modes than the standard [BasicServiceSet Basic Service Set].  Some can act as wireless clients themselves - ie they can connect as [Client]s to other APs.  They can do [Bridge Bridging] mode to form a wireless [p2p point-to-point] or [p2mp point-to-multipoint] link between two or more segments of a wired network.  Some, specifically the [minitar] can even emulate [IBSS] or [AdHocMode Ad-Hoc Mode].  Since these modes are not covered by the [BSS] these modes sometimes have problems when using APs from different manufacturers.  (http://www.freenet-antennas.com Rob Clark) has done some (http://www.freenet-antennas.com/minitar_mnwapb.htm tests) involving the [minitar] AP and its various modes. 
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