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+! Melbourne Wireless Inc. Committee Meeting 
+'''Please address all comments and queries to [Committee the committee].''' 
+'''Attendance at committee meetings is by invitation from the committee only.  Members and the general public are welcome to attend any [MelbWirelessMeetings general meeting].''' 
+Location:Solomon Room%%%(http://www.csiro.au/index.asp?type=map&id=ClaytonVIC-IanWarkLab Ian Wark Laboratory)%%%Bayview Avenue%%%Clayton VIC 3168 
+!!! Attendees 
+President:[TysonClugg Tyson Clugg] (TC) 
+Vice President:[DarrenDreis Darren Dreis] (DD) 
+Secretary: [VaskosTsiatis Vaskos Tsiatis] (VT) 
+Treasurer:[JamesHealy James Healy] (JH) - via telephone 
+Guest Speakers:(none) 
+!! 1. Opening Remarks (TC) 
+* Had a non eventful month on the committee – seen similar non actio with the rest of group. Outer eastern and foothills had 1st meeting. Most members are sitting stagnant at the moment. 
+* Admin tasks were carried out – ie. setting up internet banking 
+!! 2. Correspondance (VT) 
+!! 3. Membership (VT) 
+* 2 memberships approved 
+Details of membership will not be published due to privacy requirements, and will instead be minuted by the Secretary ([VaskosTsiatis Vaskos Tsiatis]) and kept separate from the public minutes. 
+!! 4. Financial Report (JH) 
+* Net banking is setup 
+* Signatures have changed to TC, DD, JH – any 2 to sign 
+* Read only access to net banking (non value access) – DD, TC and JH have access. 
+* No-one has “pay” access. 
+* JH to check regularly and inform VT of any memberships that have been paid so that VT can process them. 
+!!! 4.1 Budget 
+!!! 4.2 House bill status 
+* Current balance is approximately $1550. 
+* 1 outstanding cheque (TC) 
+!! 5. Business 
+! 5.1 Banner logo 
+* Committee agreed to version 3 of the logo (Khaki) 
+* DD to organise with Nick about getting it printed, thirts, etc 
+* Nick to make A4 template letterhead for us. 
+* DD to print up 50 pages. 
+! 5.2 Little things to get out of the way 
+* Link audio/video to website 
+* LMR400 – decided not worth the hassle. It is a better option to setup some sort of agreement with Paul at X net to offer some sort of discount to our members. 
+* Deferred agreement on this – will look for member to see if they are interested in terminating the cable. Melbourne wireless is happy to invest up to $500 worth of cable and connectors. Will find member via word of mouth . VT to organise. Happy for person terminating to make $5 
+! 5.3 Membership Formalisation 
+* Move to online membership form. 
+* Intro letter to be sent at the same time as card 
+* User applies, goes to database, they put money into database, tick off members who have paid/pending approval, cards sent out. 
+* JH to start coding membership. A month deadline. TC to assist when required. 
+! 5.4 New website 
+* General image of website needs to be spruced up – new design, not code oriented. 
+* Needs to be organised better. 5 or 6 main headers. 
+* Call out to the list if there are any web designers, NOT coders….. need a designer… even if it is done by a commercial entity. 
+! 5.5 Bank account details 
+''':Melbourne Wireless Inc.%%%Westpac: Glen Waverley Shopping Centre%%%BSB: 033385%%%ACCT: 242991''' 
+Members to put surname in description field AND email a copy of the transaction to treasurer. 
+! 5.6 Server 
+* Working, hard drives are ok,  512mb ram, currently at Darren’s office on a working network 
+* There is a boot up issue to be resolved by DD 
+* Box configuration to be done by Troy – DD to pass box onto Troy. 
+* Must formalise hosting with an entity with Melbourne wireless, not an individual. 
+'''Draft letter to ISPS (DD):''' 4RU rack space%%%Require access for our sysadmins 
+VT to talk to Brett at alphalink 
+! 5.7 Planning day followup 
+* Network growth and communication. 
+* Both points not achieved to date. 
+* Get experts together 
+Over the next 3 weeks, the committee will organise what we want for a distribution or at least a well documented list of what needs to be done. 
+Client node & routing node... 
+Aim to use the most common equipment around today. Enterasys, WL200, Dlink APs. Etc 
+Get hardware and software guys together to work these issues out. 
+So in 3 weeks, the committee wants to decide on basically what we want from these distribution, ie security, routing, access control, etc. 
+! 5.8 Meeting 
+Newbies introduction 5 mins at the start. Simple presentation of MW and how to connect a node. 
+!! 6. Task List 
+Back to the [Committee] page.. 
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