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 I tried to use udhcpd or dnsmasq to return the DHCP parameters but they do not support netbooting machines with different parameters. DHCP is pretty robust though so if you have multiple DHCP servers running, then the client will accept the response that contains the best/ most information. 
 I ran dhcpd on the linux machine I was serving the userland from. 
+!!! Problems 
+The first problem will be the device seeming to fail in the boot process. This is because the boot loader serial console is at 115200 baud while the default OpenWrt kernel will set the baud to 9600. This is so slow you will se no messages at all after the boot loader loads the kernel and jumps to the start address. 
+Fix this by either running your terminal at 9600 and ignoring the boot loader "junk" or changing the command line of the console. 
+Not found console - the default firmware has /dev empty, create the console device as described above. 
+errors when interacting with the NFS mounted root fs. 
+need to mount the FS rw earlier in the boot process. 
+Don't see all the mounts in /proc - haven't worked this one out. you can see the mounts with mount 
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