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+Okay, due to puttputts mentioning, I've decided to modify this a bit. 
+I've got two antennas setup at the moment. 
+'''24dbi Galaxy'''%%% 
+'''Type:''' Point to point to [txrx]%%% 
+'''Other end:''' Node FBD%%% 
+'''Channel: 3''' (xxx confirm this..)%%% 
+'''Mode:''' BSS%%% 
+'''ESSID:''' nodefbd-nodeflk.wireless.org.au%%% 
+'''Notes:''' Can just see txrx. There is a raise in the land that almost gets in the way. Currently its pointed at dysfunction for now to do some testing.%%% 
+Currently the assigned IP address for this interface is (iirc. just scan the C class, noone else is connected to it). 
+Since this link isn't active at the moment, there isn't much to write about. 
+'''8dbi Superpass Omni directional'''%%% 
+'''Type:''' Point to multipoint%%% 
+'''Other ends:''' none atm%%% 
+'''Channel:''' 7 (or is it three?)%%% 
+'''Mode:''' BSS%%% 
+'''ESSID:''' wireless.org.au%%% 
+'''Info:''' NodeFLK_AP 
+'''Notes:''' noone replies to my emails.%%% 
+'''IP address:''' 
+This interface runs DHCP, so you should be able to get a connection. Used allocation on this range is, which is my gateway to the LAN. 
+My network design is currently this... 
+PtP to FBD ( wireless gw ) omni -> supernova ( -> lan 
+There are two networks on channels 1 and 13 funnily enough. I'll prolly make it 3 and 10 or something when things are sorted out. If you're close to me or want to test to see if you can get a linkwith me, your best bet is to email me [mailto:nullptr@tasmail here]. 
+Later on, I plan to run some things like a zebra testbed and shell acount systems, etc. Possibly even gui-related accounts, as the bw is free. 
+If you see these essids (specifically with a info section of NodeFLK_AP) and the fbd-flk, could you mail me about it? Thanks. 
+Uhm. more to come when I can be bothered, as usual. 
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