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+Hi there.  My name's Robert Merkel, and I'm currently a postgraduate student at (http://www.swin.edu.au Swinburne University ) living in brunswick (use the nodemap to look me up). 
+My node is up - DWL-520 connected to an 8 db omni.  My mac address is 00:05:5d:5b:c4:c6, I'm using the ssid "wireless.org.au" and for the moment you can try and ping me on 
+I haven't set up any services yet, though I will soon.  Let me know if you can see me. 
+One application I'm hoping to put this to is as a low-cost approach to network backup. 
+I'm also interested in just what kind of range we can get out of these devices, as I can see some attractive possibilities in the longer term.  We might be able to arrange to link to some of the Victorian regional centres, not to mention covering  some rural areas at low cost. 
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