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+Hi, I live near the border of Camberwell and Burwood, Melway 60G4, Australian Map Grid 332140 E 5809620 N (interpolate between red AMG grid lines in the directory), Lat -37.8454 Long 145.0922.  I was able to transform the AMG grid coordinates using the Redfearn's Formula calculators at and
+I currently own a Power Macintosh 7300/200 with Mac OS 9.1.  In March 2003 I intend to replace this by building a Mandrake Linux 9.0 computer.  I am interested in setting up a TCP/IP wireless network with Melbourne Wireless. 
+I studied Maths, Physics, and Chemistry at Matriculation in 1962, and have worked as a book editor, computer salesman, and technical writer contractor, at present employed 'permanently' as a technical writer. 
+I contributed the instructions for converting between Australian Map Grid coordinates (Melway) and geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to the [FAQ Connecting to the Network] page of the [TheEvolvingFAQ]. 
+Hedley Finger%%% 
+28 Regent Street%%% 
+Camberwell VIC 3124%%% 
+Tel. +61 3 9809 1229%%% 
+Mob. +61 412 461 558%%% 
+Email. hfingerAThandholding.comNOSPAM.au 
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