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-Describe NodeINQ here. 
+27.05.06 - 2.19am 
-28.01.04 - Experimentation 
+INQ is now complete and ready for mounting... 
-after experimenting with a 10dbi-18dbi Corner Reflector (directional) antenna this evening I have managed to acheive a good (reliable) signal strength at a distance of approximately 700m - with 2 nodes < 1km from me I hope to be able to get some connectivity happening soon. 
+AP2000 in weatherproof enclosure with custom-built PoE 
-Also have access to another antenna (ex optus-vision - appears to be the same as the galaxy one in the video tutorial) which will be the next one to be trialed. 
+1 x 6dbi omni 
-These distances were acheived without a proper connector to the AP (having trouble getting a female TNC connector for a linksys AP so the coax from the antenna was simply pushed around the contact) so once this is sorted and a mast installed I'm sure that a much grater distance will be acheived! 
+1 x 15dbi Corner reflector 
-Thank to Cam (node INR) for helping out (putting up with me) this evening - and let's hope we get a link between us soon! 
+more info, photos, etc. coming soon... 
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