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 Describe NodeJTX here. 
+Okay. Still havn't uploaded photo yet, but done a scan and I can't see any MW nodes.  So no uplink to the rest of the network yet. 
+Good news is that I have setup a NeverWinterNights 1 Game server running the Discworld - AnhkMorpork Module and it is available to the Wireless community.  You will need a copy of NWN client (MAC/Windows/Linux versions are available) patched to 1.69 revision to play on it.  I hope to eventually write my own MOD, but as a place holder I have installed this MOD for the time being. 
+The NWN server is running on a Linux Dedicated server. 
 Finally!.  Done and Done. its mounted on a mast and outside the house (photo's to follow shortly). 
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