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+Hey, this node will be located at 11 Erowal Street.  Hopping to mount the antenna/s on the top off the TV antenna.  Double story house so hoping that i wont need a mast. 
+Theoretically I want to point directly to KAL, but there are a few trees in the way, so if that fails I am going to point to GHO, then run an L2TP IPSec VPN between mine and KAL's cisco routers. 
+!! Node Log 
+Nothing Yet :P 
+!! Equipment 
+Still none :( Year 12 takes priority, *coff* 
+!! Services 
+None, I'm stingy. 
+Possible web cam, but their isn't much to look at. 
+I mean who likes looking at the bloody pine trees at the golf corse. 
+!! Plans 
+Intending to purchase a parabolic antenna 24dbi 
+!! Problems 
+Parents tight about year 12 
+F***ing tree's ( I'm surrounded by golf courses) 
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