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+|| {http://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/map?id=KDJhttp://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/view?id=KDJ Node KDJ} || '''Owner''':  <(/users/?Daworm Daworm)>%%% %%%'''Location''': 23 Thrush Street, Norlane%%% %%% '''Status''':Interested & Collecting Hardware%%% '''SSID:''' <[SSID] - tba>%%% %%% '''Connecting...'''%%% Set your SSID to __nodexxx.wireless.org.au__ and contact (/users/?Daworm Daworm) for more information. || 
+!! Node Log 
+19/02/2009 - Update Node Page 
+!! Equipment 
+I currently do not own any  
+I don't have an specified as yet 
+{http://www.melbournewireless.org.au/files/Images/picture.png Photo of node setup} 
+!! Services 
+Elaborate on services seen on the (/maps/view?id=KDJ maps page) (replace XXX with  your node id). The node must be in __testing or operational__ to be listed 
+!! Plans 
+I intend to buy  
+I intend to link up to  
+I intend to make one of [Antenna these] 
+!! Problems 
+I have limited cash at this stage 
+I have some trees between myself and intended initial node connection, but I get a signal on laptop from a simple scan so should be little problem. 
+I need some more info on [FAQ what to purchase and how to set it up]. 
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