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+The PowerPC Architecture Specification, released in 1993, is a 64-bit specification with a 32-bit subset. Almost all PowerPCs generally available are 32-bit. 
+PowerPC processors have a wide range of implementations, from high-end server CPUs such as the Power4 to the embedded CPU market (the Nintendo Gamecube uses a PowerPC). PowerPC processors have a strong embedded presence because of good performance, low power consumption, and low heat dissipation. 
+PowerPC architecture is an example of a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture. 
+The most common PPC implementation we find here at MelbWireless is [Apple] gear. [AppleMacMinimumSpecs] has some more useful information in addition to this. 
+The other situation we encounter is people running [LinuxPPC], which is very similar to [Apple] anyway with it of course being a unix-based system. 
+See also: [YellowDog] 
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