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+'''Acronym Definition: Request For Comment''' 
 Melbourne: Digital and Wireless 
 Networking RFC 
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 * Despite the domain wireless.org.au I don't believe we shouldn't be, nor need to be, thinking outside the borders of Victoria at this stage simply because I believe most interstate groups are in the infant stages as well, and the idea of us stomping up and saying, "here is the domain we're all going to use", is not a terribly good one.  Heck I'll setup a domain on the wireless lan for www.microsoft.com if I feel like it...though I may get in trouble from a legal perspective ;) 
+[DanFlett] - 22/03/04 
+* nodexxx.mwn seems to have been settled upon, at least everyone on the list I have written to agrees to this.  But I see no reference to this in this RFC.  What happened to the discussion here?  Did it move to another wiki page?  Or did it occur via email?  However, some of us in the RGSouthern Cluster of nodes are using nodexxx.mw.wifi.  I personally quite like this system.  Perhaps we could put the various systems up to a vote at a MW meeting and get this long-festering issue out of the way. :) 
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