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 !! Goals 
 * A regional group within Melbourne Wireless, that aims to promote and encourage the growth the wireless network in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. (This includes suburbs like Fitzroy, Northcote, Brunswick, Thornbury, Coburg, Preston, etc etc) 
 * It seems we are trying to achieve this aim by meeting reguarly, putting faces to names and building friendships, therby giving people a better reason to invest on the network than "it's cool"!! 
+!! Region Contact 
+The Region Contact for RGInnerNorth is (/users/?cbv Rob Brittain).  If you are new to this region, Rob can point you in the right direction!  If you are from this region and would also like to be a Region Contact, please add yourself here. 
 !! Members 
 || '''Name''' || '''Node'''|| '''Suburb''' || 
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