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+Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol 
+TCP and IP were developed by a Department of Defense (DOD) research project to connect a number different networks designed by different vendors into a network of networks (the "Internet"). It was initially successful because it delivered a few basic services that everyone needs (file transfer, electronic mail, remote logon) across a very large number of client and server systems. Several computers in a small department can use TCP/IP (along with other protocols) on a single LAN. The IP component provides routing from the department to the enterprise network, then to regional networks, and finally to the global Internet. On the battlefield a communications network will sustain damage, so the DOD designed TCP/IP to be robust and automatically recover from any node or phone line failure. This design allows the construction of very large networks with less central management. (Source: (http://www.yale.edu/pclt/COMM/TCPIP.HTM Yale.edu)) 
+(http://www.protocols.com/pbook/tcpip1.htm A list of the protocols in the TCPIP suite) 
+See also [IP], [IPv4], [IPv6]. 
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