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+### Index ### 
+!!! Vitals 
+* '''Manufacturer :''' Rebadged for IBM 
+* '''Model :''' xxxx 
+* '''Type :''' Access Point / Router / Client Card 
+* '''External Antenna Jack :''' RP-SMA  (RP-SMA RP-TNC ) 
+This card was shipped to us by mistake and I found it floating in a draw. 
+The Ant portion is double height - makes it useless to use in the bottom slot. 
+Unit snaps apart from the sides, then the "ant. cover" comes off with plastic clips around the outside. 
+has two leds - showing "diversity". Most webpages I have found on this card says that one ant is only for recieve (not sure which one). 
+The external ant is inaccesible for normal use (to use it you will need to remove the cover to get to it - and drill a hole in the cover to keep it connected. According to websites I have found it is an "MT" connector (but haven't found a stockist yet). 
+You can bypass the external ant with some solder pads that are on the board - or unsolder the connector. 
+Had a lot of problems with this unit in my Thinkpad T41, with an internal mini-pci card - aparently the drivers are sufficuently similar that they affect each other. Make sure you disable the mini-pci card if you are going to try and use this as an additional (or in my case - external ant). 
+Drivers accessible via IBM website. 
+!! Official Details 
+!! Pictures 
+!! OEM Firmware 
+!! Alternate Firmware 
+!! Support Forum 
+!! Misc Notes & Links 
+!! Modifications / Addon's 
+!! Discussion 
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