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 * This is going to be *nasty*! References need to be fixed in mw_iprouting(600+loc), and every file that calls any of its functions. There are instances whete interface_id is used as it is supposed to be(i.e. the node_id is found using the interface_id, not assuming int_id==node_id), and some cases where it is not. All functions need to be updated to the former, and all files to reflect this! erk. 
 * This "FeatureBug" blocks: 
 ** IP Statistics 
-** drop IP on node editing page 
 >> '''2''' [CardProfiles Preset 'profiles' for card specs in interfaces] 
 >> '''2''' Melways map lookups 
 >> '''2''' Link Line between nodes on comparison page 
-> '''3''' Put a drop allocation link for node editing. (blocked by Integrate IP with Node interface) 
 !! Site/User 
 >> '''2''' [HardwareDatabase] 
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