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 !!! How do I add a new page 
 '''Read the guide to AddingPages.''' 
-!!! Howcome when I click a heading in the index of a page, it takes me to the wrong section of the page? 
-'''This is because of a bug in the wiki processing engine.''' 
-RegExpWiki is able to generate indexes for each page, but is unable to link the index items to the headings properley because of limitations imposed by the way the wiki engine works.  At the moment, only the first word from each heading on a page is used to link to the index - this page uses the word ''Howcome'' to link to the heading ''Howcome when I...''', if 2 headings start with the same word then the index will link both index items to the 1st entry.  There is a planned rewrite of the offending section of code (the core processing module) which is aimed at fixing this bug and extending functionality further, but this probably won't be available until October 2004 (this is the correct as of June 2004). 
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