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+! this is my news page and has what has been happening in my life 
+!! the x.net.au story 
+its 6:15 friday and still no pigtail 
+this story starts back on thursday morning nice and early at 9am, i wanted to make sure i got in contact with someone as i only had this weekend to set up my wireless node up on the roof with power over ethernet, my friend had even taken the weekend off his job to help me out. i checked out the website and thought i would just check if i could get a rp-sma to female n connector pigtail by friday, which would cost me a total of $50 ($35+$15postage) so i called up and spoke to a guy called john, he said if i bought it early enough that i would recive it tommrow 
+I thought GREAT i dont have to go in the city and pay 66$ to get one made for me right there and then.(so its about 9:45 now) and after trying to negotiate the website and fining you cant put in a order and use direct debit (something they say you can do) i end up just direct debiting it and sending it to there emails sales and to paul as recomended by john, he said it would go out the same day in one of the conversations, but said paul does the posting and the like. and said he will be in in 1 hr 30 mins (which would be 2pm) and 2:15 i call and john said paul will be in in another 2 hours (now i was starting to get worried as i didnt think postoffices out that far do post stuff that late in the day. i waited and called at 5:45ish and paul still wasnt in, i asked for him "john" to transfur my money back and then paul suddenly comes in on a mobile. john told me that i wouldnt get it tommorow so i asked again for the money to be transfured back then he asked me if i wanted to talk to paul, in which i did where he told me that he would get a courier to pick it up and they offer same day delivery. 
+i know i'm not the fastest typist but its 6:30 now and still no pigtail, and a wasted weekend ahead and a pigtail for 50$ in which i could wait a week and get it off www.alphalink.com.au/~vak/wireless for 33$ 
+as all my weekends will be busy for the next 4 weeks kinda feels like i am wasting time and money 
+why offer a service you cant provide? 
+this is defenatly a negitive experiance 
+thanks your unhappy custermer 
+toby (i know i am not the best speller) 
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