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Border Gateway Protocol. Interdomain routing protocol that replaces EGP. BGP exchanges reachability information with other BGP systems. It is defined by External linkRFC1163.
(Source: CISCO)

BGP Uses TCP Port 179 To communicate between other BGP Routers
It will only exchange info between routers specified in the config file.

64512 to 65534
Only these asn's can be used on a private network the other are for public (the Internet)

Here is a basic config (parts taken from node fut)
For quagga BGPD
! BGPD.conf
!-*- bgp -*-
!BGPd sample configuratin file
hostname bgpd
password XXXX or zebra
!enable password please-set-at-here
!bgp mulitple-instance  -? only if you need to run BGPD more than once Unlikely  on mw.
router bgp 7675  -? your routers ASN Should be with in this range 64512 to 65534 and connot be the same as another routers in this situation.
bgp router-id -? this is your routers id most likey the same as in your ospf.conf
redistribute ospf -? this will redistribute routes collected by ospfd to bgpd
redistribute connected -? This  will distribute Directly connected networks to bgp
!DAN'S COMMENT: be careful using redistribute connected - you don't want to
!distribute your local area network subnet onto the melbwireless network!
!bgp should automaticlly distribute routes covered by the network statement
network -? you can use this for mw or add each subnet that you are
!connected to i.e: network network and so on
neighbor remote-as 7676 -? for each router on the a subnet that is running bgp will have its own ip(duh!) and its own asn you will need to add a line for each router and there asn here.
!access-list all permit any most likely you will not need any access list unless you need to.
!The debug section is optional.
debug bgp events
debug bgp filters
debug bgp fsm
debug bgp keepalives
debug bgp updates
!log file bgpd.log
log stdout

Simple example for the subnet

So in The end your config might look like this if you were on the subnet (example) This is only if the rest of the networks used ospf

!-*- bgp -*-
hostname bgpd
password zebra
!enable password please-set-at-here
router bgp 64512
bgp router-id
redistribute ospf
neighbor remote-as 64513
neighbor remote-as 64515
neighbor remote-as 64517
neighbor remote-as 64518
!log file bgpd.log
log stdout

BGP ASN allocation

Node ID is the Mw node ID
Router No. Is the router at the node, as you may have more than 1.
ASN 64512 to 65534 try to leave a 5 No. gap between each node.

Node IDRouter No.ASN

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