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Hey there ppl!

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Oh my god! Has it been that long? :O
I thought I would give you an update.

After attending the RGSouthern BBQ Last weekend its got me eager to get into this wireless stuff. Unfortuantly everything is going a bit slower then I would have liked but things are looking good.

Testing wise I have done nothing further other then to discover that I am probably better of connecting to John at NodeFOB. This link will not be active until I have raised my mast. (Pending on parents approval currently looking at 6m (9m Hills Telomast) which will give me a good view North)

Further more there has been a breakthrough with a mate who wants a wireless connection with me who lives in belgrave. He is behind a hill which he can not get out of however he has since been chatting with his next door neighbour who has a bit more height and can see over the hill, has quite a view I hear. :D

As you can probably tell there are a few things currently going on but the main one is the mast. Damn Parents! I will keep you posted and get some pictures up once it is complete.

Until then have a good one!

My node is currently not active however I am currently testing with NodeGUR to hopefully get a link going in Jan.

I have also been contacted by Harley Calvet ( NodeHIK, NodeHIJ, NodeHHV ) who is interested in setting up some short range links in the Frankston area. I may play a role in providing an intermediate node for him.

Things On the Agenda

If you intested in a link give us a buzz mullaly(AT)gamebox.net might even get me to hurry up a bit with current projects hehe.

Thanks for visiting!

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