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04/07/2009 - First Entry. Recently purchased an Asus WL-520GU after having no luck hunting down a pre V5 WRT54G, looks like everyones snapped them up.

Started on making an antenna mast. I'm renting a new house, so additions are a no-go (ones that are visible ;). Planning to make the mast free standing with 2x4" pine, 100mm PVC and a road safety bollard i stole many year ago. Picture it like a packing crate, with the bollard held in the middle, with the PVC slipped over that. I have up to 8m of PVC available, but will probably only use 6m, wind would have too much leverage to knock the mast over, and would require more LMR-400 (currenly have 5m).

Made a Cantenna with help from http://www.elf-et-al.com/cantenna/ . Its rough as guts, but works well for what it is. duct taping broom handles managed to reach node JPL @ -87db in VistaStumbler, who is 5km+ away. Not bad, considering between lies the Princes FWY, a power station and trees.



I currently own:
- Asus WL-520GU (flashed to DD-WRT v.24)
- D-link DWA-547 RangeBooster N
- Belkin USB dongle
- Belkin 54G router

I run Windows Vista, Spare Machine will run Linux distro - unsure yet. AMD XP2000, 20Gb and 512MB.
Photo up shortly of node.




I intend to link up to JPL or JUK, these are my closest operational nodes.

I have already made several cantenna's - for such a crude device they work OK!


Girlfriend (thinks mast makes the house look 'ugly')

More reading on how to setup node, still very green to Wireless.


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