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Spelling: DarrenDreis

Well, I've been on the list since about October 2001 and have attended
most meetings. I'm the current VicePresidentVice President, Vice-President, President, Precedent, Suppressant [1].


I started my working life as an Airborne Systems Engineer in the RAAFRAFA, RA AF, RA-AF, RAF, RAFF, RALF
(yes, that means I'm an electronics and RF nerd!). I also worked in
the pro sound and lighting field for a couple of years. I'm currently
(past 12 years) the IT & Solutions manager for a medium sized document
consulting & business equipment company. [2]

On a personal front, I'm married with 2 kids. So, with all this, my
time is limited, but I certainly try to contribute where I can to


* WL200 [3] as an AP
* Mast mount DlinkSlink, Link, Dink, Blink, Clink, Drink, Dinky, Dunk, Doling, Linc, Dank, Lank DWL900AP
* 180 deg Slotted WavegiudeWaveguide, Waveguides, Waveguide's Antennas


* At home NodeCCDNodded, Noted, Nordics, Noddled, Noodled, Nordic, Noticed, Notepad, Decade, Decked, Decode, Dodged, Necked, Needed, Nudged, Bedecked, Naked, Nuked, Toked, Needled, Nudest, Notated, Notelet [4]
* At work NodeCCINordics, Nordic, Nodes, Node's, Codex, DECs, Nods, Index, Dec's, NoDoz, Decks, Necks, Notes, Nudes, Bedecks, Bodegas, Dex, Notice, Note's, Mordecai's, Noddles, Noodles, Dorcas, Nader's, Noddy's, Nodules, Notices, NoDoz's, Zodiacs, Decca's, Ned's, Docks, Needs, Noddle's, Noodle's, Deck's, Decays, Decors, Decoys, Dodges, Neck's, Nudges, Nodule's, Notice's, Poetics, Nd's, Bodega's, Dodge's, Knocks, Sundecks, Nadean's, Nadeen's, Zodiac's, Nicki's, Dock's, Nedda's, Neddy's, Dacca's, Nerti's, Netti's, Decoy's, Deng's, Dunc's [5] (waiting)
* NodeGHONode, Bodega, Nodes, Nosegay, Diego, Nought, Node's, Indigo, Undergo, NoDoz, Dodge, Nordic, Deg, Neg, Nod, Nudge, Night, Nodded, Nudged, Togo, Dago, Deco, Doughy, Note, Nude, Rodger, Codger, Dodger, Lodger, Nods, Noriega, Noughts, Nader, Dodgy, Noddy, Noted, Nuder, Nodal, Notes, Nudes, Outgo, Notebook, Nougat, Naught, Note's, Nought's [6] on Mount DandenongDandering, Deadening, Dandelion, Dandling, Dandelions, Dungeoning, Dandelion's, Bandung, Deadening's, Danton's (testing)

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?VicePresident
[2] http://www.ndpgroup.com.au
[3] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?WL200
[4] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeCCD
[5] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeCCI
[6] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeGHO

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