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Spelling: Internet

To learn about connecting to the Internet using MelbWirelessMulberries, Mulberry's, Liberals, Marlboro's, Liberalise, Marlborough's [1], then
you should read our Internet Access FAQ [2] item on that topic.

While you already know what the Internet is, this tries explain why
it is called that ...

An _internet_ is usually defines as any combination of more than one
interconnected networks, often with the implication of different
underlying technologies.

The _Internet_ (note the capitalisation) is a term that has come to
mean those networks that are connected using IPIPA, OP, UP, PI, IO, IMP, I, P, AP, KIP, PIP, RIP, VIP, DIP, HIP, LIP, NIP, SIP, TIP, YIP, ZIP, IA, IE, IR, PP, WP, II, DP, GP, HP, ID, IL, IN, IQ, IT, IV, JP, KP, LP, MP [3] to the majority of
other networks in the world -- effectively, it's the Internet is the
world's biggest internet.

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?MelbWireless
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?FAQ
[3] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?IP

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