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Spelling: KisMac

A network stumbling application for Mac OSX, closely related to
Kismet. Unlike NetStumblerNet Stumbler, Net-Stumbler, Stumbler, Stumble, Nestable, Estimable, Inestimable, Testable, Untestable [1], but like Kismet [2], it utilizes the
monitor mode of your card / inbuilt wireless and doesn't send any
probe requests.

Supports third party PCMCIAPARAMECIA, PECKISH, PUCKISH, PYGMIES, PAJAMA, PYJAMA, CAMACHO, PYGMY, PIGGISH, PIGMY'S, PYGMY'S, POCKMARK, PARKMAN, PAJAMAS, PYJAMAS, PAJAMA'S, PYJAMA'S cards with Orinoco and PrismIIPrism II, Prism-II, Prism, Purism, Prisms, Prissie, Prism's, Priam, Prising, Pris, Presume, Prim, Prime, Prise, Priam's, Prissier, Purism's, Primes, Primer, Prissy [3]
chipsets, as well as CiscoDisco, Crisco, Cuzco, Rosco, Fiasco, Wisc, Disc, Misc, Sicko, Circe, Cissy, Circa, Isacco, Soc, Sic, Scow, Xis, Isac, Civic, Sics, Moscow, Roscoe, SC, Sc, Sick, Cicero, Scissor, Sis, NSC, Assoc, Circus, Biscay, Cesaro, Miscue, Cece, Ceca, Fisk, Isak, Sacco, Cask, Cyst, Disk, Masc, Risk, Xi's, Zinc, Sask, Cesar, Sissy, Cigar, Ciggy, Sc's, Cy's, Si's, Cissy's, Circe's AironetIroned, Baronet, Coronet, Orient, Aren't, Arrant, Airiest, Irony, Anet, Aron, Around, Iron, Bronte, Ardent, Argent, Affront, Airing, Ironies, Aaron, Arron, Irene, Ain't, Aired, Adorned, Front, Irons, Aron's, Iron's cards.

Currently in alpha version.

* Official Site [4]
* Stable [5]
* untested [6]


Other related software at WarDrivingWar Driving, War-Driving, Wardering, Driving, Deriving, Striving, Droving, Watering, Driven [7]

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NetStumbler
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?Kismet
[3] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?PrismII
[4] http://www.binaervarianz.de/projekte/programmieren/kismac/
[7] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?WarDriving

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