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Spelling: Meeting20020111

Date: Friday 11th January 2002, 7:00PM AEST.

Venue: O'Connell Reserve YarraTarra, Yarrow, Farra, Tarrah, Tara, Area, Array, Yore, Ara, Arr, Yaren, Farrah, Karrah, Terra, Tarry, Arri, Aura, Barr, Cara, Carr, Dara, Fara, Farr, Kara, Lara, Mara, Nara, Parr, Sara, Yard, Zara, Aria, Para, Yarn, Yuri, Barri, Barry, Berra, Cahra, Caria, Carri, Carry, Daria, Garry, Harri, Harry, Karia, Karry, Larry, Laura, Maria, Maura, Mayra, Parry, Serra, Zaria, Barre, Marry, You're River, Richmond. UBDBUD, IBID, BID, UNBID, IND, UNDO, ID, BAD, BED, BOD, BUDD, OBED, ABED, IUD, BUT, CUBED, LUBED, TUBED, I'D, IBO, URDU, ABS, IBM, USDA, AND, END, OBS, USED, AB, AD, EB, ED, OB, OD, UT, AUBE, ABA, ADD, ABE, EBA, EDD, OED, OBY, UTA, UTE, AID, EBB, OBI, ODD, ABC, ABM, ETD, OBJ, OLD, ULT, AB'S, EB'S, OB'S, IT'D page no. 254 grid
ref. K16

Transport: Train - Short walk from Hawthorn station. Tram - Bridge
Rd. Car - Entry via CreswickCasework, Crisco, Crosswalk, Crosswise, Coursework, Guesswork, Crosscheck, Kresge, Jurassic, Juristic St, plenty of parking available.

Provided: (free stuff!)

* Sausages, rissoles & bread
* Garden salad, coleslaw
* Tomato & BBQ sauce
* Soft-drink
* Paper plates & plastic cutlery

Bring: Self (with appetite) If you are feeling generous, something
from the "Provided" list...

Presentations: Volunteers/topics please!

Notify: (so enough food is provided) mail tyson.clugg@csiro.au with
subject "MLB-Wireless January meet" You must e-mail me before 5pm AESTEAST, EST, ASST, BEST, WEST, ZEST, FEST, JEST, LEST, NEST, PEST, REST, TEST, VEST, YEST
on Wednesday 9th January 2002.

Note: I won't cater for more than 25 people (too expensive), so be
quick or go hungry. If you don't plan on eating, mail me anyway so we
get an idea of how many people will turn up. Only members of the
mailing list are eligible to get free food!

Cheers, Tyson [1]



Meeting is over.

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[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?TysonClugg
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?MelbWirelessMeetings

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