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Spelling: NickSibbing

I became involved, like lots of others, when I read an article in the
Age IT Oct 23 2001, with Glen and Steve and others. I attended the
first public meetings and helped research indoor venues as winter

I'm not a very technical person but hope to contribute in other ways.
Sadly at the moment pressures of work have seen me ease back a bit.

By day I run my own business Artful Solutions [1] which is involved
with design, color printing and internetInternet, inter net, inter-net, interned, Internets, intent, internee, interment, intranet, entente, intern, internist, indent, intend, interne's solutions for business.

My nodes are in MontroseMont rose, Mont-rose, Monetise, Mantras, Monitors, Monstrous, Moonrise, Motorise, Monro's, Intros, Mantoes, Mentors, Monte's, Mont's, Mantra's, Metros, Montages, Monitor's, Monti's, Monty's, Mindoro's, Contras, Monroe's, Mentor's, Munro's, Metro's, Monera's, Munmro's, Munroe's, Montage's and KilsythKossuth, Kelsy, Kills, Kilos, Kiley's, Killy's, Kelsy's, Kelsey, Kelcy, Kelsi, Cloth, Kial's, Kiel's, Jilly's, Kailey's, Kelsey's, Kile's, Kilo's, Gil's, Gilly's, Kally's, Kelly's and I'm very close with all the
gear required and hopefully will make giant strides at the upcoming
installfestinstall fest, install-fest, installers, installment, installed, installs, unstablest, installer's, instalment, unsafest [2].

Best way to contact me is PhPH, Phi, PhD, OH, Oh, Pah, HP, Hp, H, P, PG, Pg, Kph, Mph, Pf, Ch, PA, PE, PO, PP, PW, Pa, Po, Pu, Rh, Th, Ah, Eh, Pi, Pp, Sh, Uh, DH, NH, PC, PD, PM, PR, PS, PT, PX, Pb, Pd, Pl, Pm, Pr, Pt, Pk, PH's, P's 03 9728 8220 or email

[1] http://www.artful.com.au/
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?Installfest2002

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