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Spelling: NodeDIB

Have had an AP running for a few months for local laptop access, and
have finally extended the range by sticking an OmniOmani, Mini, Mono, Oman, Omen, Omanis, Min, Mon, Mani, OMB, Ono, Omit, MN, Mn, Mona, ON, Om, On, Domini, Odin, Olin, Orin, Anni, Emmi, Omens, Ami, Oms, One, Own, Uni, Amii, Arni, Omar, Oona, Agni, Oman's, Omen's on the roof.

Equipment is a dlinkslink, Link, dink, link, blink, clink, drink, dinky, dunk, doling, Linc, dank, lank 900ap, plugged straight into my gateway. Heavily
firewalled, with only 2-3 ports open to the world. Also running a pptpPTO, pop, pot, PT, Pt, pt, poop, pomp, pots, ATP, DTP, PCP, PDT, PET, PTA, Pat, Pet, Pip, ftp, pap, pat, pep, pet, pip, pit, pup, put, prop, Pate, Peta, Pete, Pitt, pate, peep, pita, pity, putt, HTTP, Petr, pats, pets, pimp, pits, plop, prep, pulp, pump, puts, putz, pot's, Pt's, Pat's, Pet's, pet's, pit's
vpn, allowing authorised clients to get more useful access to my loalLola, local, loyal, loll, coal, foal, goal, load, loaf, loam, loan

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