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Spelling: NodeEDG

I'm looking at running this node as a bit of a gaming hub.
I own a number of servers and I've got access to quite a bit of
networking hardware.

Anyone wishing to connect either as a client node or as part of a
larger network is welcome provided the focus is on gaming. I'm not
really interested in saturating my bandwidth so you can swap the
latest DIVX'sDIV X's, DIV-X's, Dix's, Dex's, Diva's, Fox's, Dixie's, Fax's, Divs, Fixes, Trix's, Divas, Dives, Tex's, Tax's

I can provide routing design and hardware (hosted at my end, of
course) for p2p links as well as expertise (yes i know that word is
overused) in all things internetworking.

Game services I'm interested in running include;

QuakeworldQuake world, Quake-world, Cuckold, Cakewalk, Jeweled, Cajoled, Bejeweled, Jewelled, Cudgeled, Cackled, Cudgelled, Bejewelled, Caterwauled, Gargled, Gurgled, Juggled (Quake 1)
Quake 3
Battlefield 1942
WarcraftWar craft, War-craft, Aircraft, Watercraft, Craft, Woodcraft, Crafty, Kraft, Croft, Cruft, Graft 2 (IPX anybody?)
really, anything else that people show support for...

ImI'm, IMO, Om, Um, MI, Mi, IBM, IMF, Imp, Ism, IN, In, Aim, I, M, AM, Am, EM, Em, Jim, Kim, Sim, Tim, Dim, Him, Rim, Vim, IA, IE, Ia, Io, Ir, MM, Wm, Ii, Mm, BM, Cm, FM, Fm, GM, HM, ID, IL, IQ running a single Compaq hardware access-point with a bit of CiscoDisco, Crisco, Cuzco, Rosco, Fiasco, Wisc, Disc, Misc, Sicko, Circe, Cissy, Circa, Isacco, Soc, Sic, Scow, Xis, Isac, Civic, Sics, Moscow, Roscoe, SC, Sc, Sick, Cicero, Scissor, Sis, NSC, Assoc, Circus, Biscay, Cesaro, Miscue, Cece, Ceca, Fisk, Isak, Sacco, Cask, Cyst, Disk, Masc, Risk, Xi's, Zinc, Sask, Cesar, Sissy, Cigar, Ciggy, Sc's, Cy's, Si's, Cissy's, Circe's
backendback end, back-end, backed, bookend, blackened, beckoned, baked, backhand, banked, barked, bocked, bucked, backing, baned, beaked, band, banned, bend, Bacon, Buckner, bacon, biked, banged, bonked, bunked hardware. The Node is currently WEPWEEP, WEPT, WP, WE, WOP, WEI, WEE, REP, WEB, WED, WES, HEP, PEP, WEN, WET, YEP, WE'D encrypted and using layer
2 access control (you'll need to let me know your MAC address and
obtain the WEPWEEP, WEPT, WP, WE, WOP, WEI, WEE, REP, WEB, WED, WES, HEP, PEP, WEN, WET, YEP, WE'D key before you can connect)

Interested parties please contact me.


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