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24th Feb 2003

Didn't get around to mounting the mast on Saturday due to double
booking myself for parties and the likes of which I forgot about EEEK!
I got the mast built today, just have to mount it, which will be done
tomorrow. I got 5 pictures for progress if anyone is interested at

22nd Feb 2003

Just scored a DLinkSlink, Link, Dink, Blink, Clink, Drink, Dinky, Dunk, Doling, Linc, Dank, Lank DWL-900AP last night, already have a DlinkSlink, Link, Dink, Blink, Clink, Drink, Dinky, Dunk, Doling, Linc, Dank, Lank 520+
Wireless card, homebrewhome brew, home-brew, hombre, Hebrew, Homere, hombres, hombre's omni, unmodified galaxy antenna, and making
and mounting a 12 meter mast now. Might be shorter, depends what we
decide upon.
With any luck the link will be active, and with even more luck, next
week link will be active with NodeGHDNodded, Noted, Boded, Nodes, Nosed, Needed, Node, Nudged, Node's, Coded, Roded, Nought, Bonded, Noddled, Noodled, Neighed, Indeed, Fonded, Notepad, Ended, Nod, Kneaded, Knotted, Dode, Dded, Dead, Deed, Note, Nude, Undead, Toned [1], 620metres from here.

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeGHD

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