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Spelling: NodeFUU


LOCATION: Forest Road, FerntreeFern tree, Fern-tree, Entree, Furniture, Centre, Feinted, Denture, Entire, Fender, Feature, Fuentes, Gentry, Venture, Fainter, Feint, Entry, Fenders, Andree, Kendre, Feints, Fended, Sentry, Untrue, Feint's, Furniture's, Fender's, Fainter's Gully

eg: Linked to Fut, covering local area from to using


Set your SSIDSS ID, SS-ID, SAID, SID, SKID, SLID to fuu.wireless.org.au and contact exemplar [3] for
more information.


21/07/05 - raised mast 2.5M now node fut has a stable 11MB/s link
also put up a 18dbi conifer to create a link to node ibgbig, Ibo, IBM in the next
few weeks
01/12/04 - Node is up and running.


I currently own SenaoSena, Sean, Seana, Senna, Senor, Sen, Senior, Sinai, Sana, Xena, Zena, Zeno, Sonar, Sienna, San, Sendai, Senator, Sensor, Snow, Sonia, Xenia, Zenia, Seen, Sewn, Sens, Snap, Steno, SEATO, Shena, Sn, Sane, San'a, Seine, Snead, Sauna, Scene, Sea, Sneak, Genoa, Sena's, Senate, Son, Sun, Zen, Sin, Sneer, Syn, Sear, Send, Sent, Snag, Seana's, Senna's, Sean's 2511CD ext 2 plus 200Mw connected to a 15DBi
I run Linux FC2


Elaborate on services seen on the maps page [4]The node must be in
testing or operational to be listed


I intend to buy Porn
I intend to link up to All nodes
I intend to make one of these senaoSena, Sean, Seana, senna, senor, Sen, sen, Senior, Sinai, senior, Sana, Xena, Zena, Zeno, sonar, sienna, San, Sendai, senator, sensor, Snow, Sonia, Xenia, Zenia, seen, sewn, snow, sens, snap, steno, SEATO, Shena, Sn, sane, San'a, Seine, Snead, sauna, scene, sea, seine, sneak, Genoa, Sena's, Senate, senate, Son, Sun, Zen, sin, sneer, son, sun, syn, zen, sear, send, sent, snag, Seana's, senna's, Sean's apAP, APO, ape, app, PA, Pa, pa, ADP, APB, APR, ATP, Apr, alp, amp, apt, asp, Sp, A, P, a, p, op, up, CAP, Gap, Nap, bap, cap, gap, hap, lap, map, nap, pap, rap, sap, tap, yap, zap, AA, AI, AR, Ar, Au, PP, WP, ah, aw, pp, AB


FC3 is a piece of shit
I am surrounded by NoobsNo obs, No-obs, Nobs, Nibs, Nob's, NBS, Boobs, Knobs, Noons, Nabs, Nubs, Nooks, Nib's, Boons, Nb's, Niobe's, Boob's, Knob's, Noon's, Boos, Noose, Nobe's, Noby's, Neb's, Nob, Nos, Nub's, Snobs, Hobos, Obs, Nabobs, Norby's, Nook's, No's, Nobe, Noby, Noes, Nous, Boon's, Noe's, Noh's, Nobie's, Snob's, Ob's, Nabob's, Hobo's, Norbie's
I need info on Porn servers.

[1] http://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/view?id=FUU
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/users/?ivile
[3] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/users/?ivile
[4] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/maps/view?id=FUU

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