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Node GOB is located in vermontVermont, Vermonter, varmint, vermin, Vermont's south, about halfway between Vermont
Secondary College and the MorackMo rack, Mo-rack, Mora ck, Mora-ck, Merak, Maraca, Moral, Mack, Mora, Mock, Rack, Mirach, Merck, Merrick, Morocco, Mirage, Moray, Wrack, Moran, Crack, Track, Mohawk, Monaco, Mora's, Morale, Morass, Morays, Marc, Marika, Mark, Rock, Mauriac, Mick, Mira, Moira, Moria, Moyra, Mac, Marco, Brock, Croak, Crock, Frock, Mara, More, Moro, Myra, Rick, Muck, Murk, Ruck, Moray's, Tamarack, Merak's Golf Course. It has a relatively
clear view of GHOGO, HO, GAO, GHQ, GEO, GOO, GPO, WHO, RHO, THO, OHO on mount dandenongdandering, deadening, dandelion, dandling, dandelions, dungeoning, dandelion's, Bandung, deadening's, Danton's -- connecting to GHOGO, HO, GAO, GHQ, GEO, GOO, GPO, WHO, RHO, THO, OHO is the aim.

June 5, 2003
It has been setup so far with a 25dB Hills parabolic antenna on a 1.5
metre TV mast which is unfortunately not high enough to get over some
annoying trees and only yields an intermittent signal. (not to mention
the wind battertingbatter ting, batter-ting, battering, bartering, battening, bettering, buttering, batting, battling the flimsy mast around).

Some pictures are here.

July 5, 2003
I have bought a 6 metre telescopic mast from RadiopartsRadio parts, Radio-parts, Readopts, Ramparts, Radiates, Rapports, Adopts, Rampart's, Departs, Radiators, Redcoats, Rapport's, Radiator's, Redcoat's and am
attempting to mount this on the brick wall of the house today.

I live in a forest, as you can see here.

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