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I'm JulienJuline, Juli en, Juli-en, Julian, Juliane, Julienne, Jilin, Julina, Joline, Juliana, Juliann, Julie, Julies, Juliet, Klein, Kline, Cullen, Joleen, Julianne, Jawline, Cline, Jule, Juli, Lien, Julie's, Juline's and I run Node GSOGOS, GS, GAO, SO, GO, GSA, GEO, GOO, GPO, ISO, USO, G'S, GO'S [1], it will hopefully soon be a node
with some good omni'sOman's, Omanis, omen's, Min's, Mon's, omens, Mani's, Ono's, amino's, ominous, Amen's, Mn's, Mona's, monies, Armin's, Domini's, Ermin's, Odin's, Olin's, Orin's, amine's, omnibus, Armani's, amines, Ami's, uni's, omits, minis, Mons, Omani, onus, amens, oms, ones, owns, unis on it to act as a local concentrator, and
hopefully some point-to-point links to other routing nodes.
Unfortunately I'm not in line-of-sight to NodeGHONode, Bodega, Nodes, Nosegay, Diego, Nought, Node's, Indigo, Undergo, NoDoz, Dodge, Nordic, Deg, Neg, Nod, Nudge, Night, Nodded, Nudged, Togo, Dago, Deco, Doughy, Note, Nude, Rodger, Codger, Dodger, Lodger, Nods, Noriega, Noughts, Nader, Dodgy, Noddy, Noted, Nuder, Nodal, Notes, Nudes, Outgo, Notebook, Nougat, Naught, Note's, Nought's [2] so that's out.
Will start with an extra card in my local router then move up to
mounted AP's.

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/nodes/view?id=gso
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeGHO

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