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Hey there ppl!

LATEST NEWS _(23/01/2004)_

Oh my god! Has it been that long?
I thought I would give you an update.

After attending the RGSouthernRoxane, Roxine, Roxana, Roxanne, Roxanna, Rejoicing, Requesting, Recasting BBQ Last weekend its got me eigereager, edgier, auger, Egor, Igor, edge, Geiger, edger, Niger, eider, tiger, EEG, either, rigger, Eire, Inger, Ger, Leger, Eugen, EEC, Ike, age, bigger, digger, eek, egg, ego, eke, erg, higher, jigger, nigger, nigher, beige, urge, Uighur, arguer, e'er, Iver, ever, ewer, Eggo, Iggy, Ikey, agar, edgy, ergo, Berger, Yeager, meager, merger, verger, Alger, Edgar, Elgar, anger, edged, edges, egged, eager's, edge's to
get into this wireless stuff.

Testing wise I have done nothing further other then to discover that
I am probably better of connecting to John at NodeFOBNode FOB, Node-FOB, Needful, Notify, Adverb, Notifier, Notified, Notifies, Notifiable, Needfully [1]. This link
will not be active until I have raised my mast. _(Pending on parents
approval currently looking at 6m (9m Hills Telomast) which will give
me a good view North)_

Further more there has been a breakthrough with a mate who wants a
wireless connection with me who lives in belgrave. He is behind a hill
which he can not get out of however he has since been chatting with
his nextdoornext door, next-door, extort, next, nested, sextet, nixed, exited, exudate, exuded, negated, jested neighbour who has a bit more height and can see over the
hill, has quite a view I hear.

As you can probably tell there are a few things currently going on
but the main one is the mast. Damn Parents! I will keep you posted and
get some pictures up once it is complete.

Until then have a good one!

My node is currently not active however I am currently testing with
NodeGURNode, Rodger, Codger, Dodger, Lodger, Bodega, Nader, Nuder, Nodes, Nosegay, Niger, Nordic, Dengue, Node's, Neut, Nigger, Badger, Dodgier, Nodular, Dodge, Deg, Neg, Nod, Nudge, Edgar, Edger, Dodgy, Integer, Nadir, Niter, Noddy, Nodded, Nudged, Nagger, Note, Nude, Cadger, Hedger, Ledger, Nods, Nougat, Tongue, Taegu, Decor, Needier, Nader's [2] to hopefully get a link going in Jan.

I have also been contacted by Harley CalvetCal vet, Cal-vet, Calvert, Calved, Calve, Culvert, Calves, Cleft, Caveat, Calv, Claret, Colet, Caved, Covet, Calvert's ( NodeHIKNordic, Notebook, Notwork, Dhaka, Nitpick, Nitric, Nutpick, Network [3], NodeHIJNordic, Notebook, Nitric, Notwork, Dhaka, Nitpick, Nutmeg, Sandhog, Nutpick, Wyndham, Natka
[4], NodeHHVNode, Nodes, Node's, Dev, Nov, Nod, Negev, Nodded, Nosedive, Derv, Note, Nude, Nods, Nought, Nader, Noddy, Nohow, Noted, Nuder, NoDoz, Nodal, Notes, Nowhere, Nudes, Godhead, Ned, Noddle, Noodle, Deva, Devi, Devy, Nodule, Nadean, Nadeen, Note's, ND, Nd, Need, Nudest, Noddled, Noddles, Notify, Nervy, Novae, Nader's, Sondheim, Nodding, Noddy's, Nodular, Nodules, Noughts, Godunov, NoDoz's, Nureyev, Def, Needy, Not, Notelet, Notepad, Noddle's, Nodule's, Nought's, Nadean's, Nadeen's [5] ) who is interested in setting up some short range
links in the FrankstonFranks ton, Franks-ton, Frankest, Frankenstein, Franks, Franklin, Franklyn, Langston, Franking, Frank's, Rankest, Prankster, Crankest, Francs, Franky's, Freestone, Franzen, Franked, Franck's, Franc's area. I may play a role in providing an
intermediate node for him.



* Raise a Mast or pole to provide a location for my hardware. (Garage
roof looks good atm)
* Connection to NodeGXXAtaxics, Nutcases, Nutcase's, Texaco's, Nagasaki's, Tunguska's [6] in BelgraveBel grave, Bel-grave, Belg rave, Belg-rave, Belgrade, Bulgaria, Telegraph, Telegrapher, Bulgarian, Bluegrass, Biographer, Bulgaria's, Telegraphy, Biography, Balaclava, Holograph, Polygraph (Either Direct or other
* Connection to NodeGXUNodes, Codex, Bodegas, Index, Node's, Bordeaux, Nordics, Nosegays, Dex, NoDoz, Bodega's, Dodges, Negs, Nods, Nudges, Degas, Dodge's, Notes, Nudes, FedEx, Rodgers, Codgers, Dodgers, Lodgers, Note's, Noddles, Nosegay's, Nader's, Noddy's, Nodules, Nonages, NoDoz's, Noddle's, Nodule's, Nonage's, Noriega's, Rodger's, Codger's, Dodger's, Lodger's, Nadean's, Nadeen's [7] in Mt. Eliza (through a currently
unknown route)


If you intestedin tested, in-tested, untested, untasted, infested, ingested, invested, intestate, unattested, unrested, interested, contested, attested, inserted, intuited, indebted, indented, insisted, intended in a link give us a buzz mullaly(AT)gamebox.net might
even get me to hurry up a bit with current projects hehe.

Thanks for visiting!

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeFOB
[2] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeGUR
[3] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeHIK
[4] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeHIJ
[5] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeHHV
[6] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeGXX
[7] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeGXU

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