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Spelling: NodeGXT

Node GXTGT, GET, GIT, GOT, GUT, GMT, EXT is under re-construction.

The node now consists of a pair of UbuntuBunt, Bantu, Bounty, Unburnt, Urbanity, Subunit, Burnt, Unbent, Bent, Abound, Abut, Aunt, Unto, Burnout, Unity, Ubangi, Unit, Untie, Auburn, Int, Unite, Burnett, Unbound, Cobnut, Benet, Urban, About, Bound, Undue, Ont, Ant Bullets.

One bullet is connected to the SuperpassSuper pass, Super-pass, Superpose, Surpass, Superposes, Superposed, Supers, Suppress OmniOmani, Mini, Mono, Oman, Omen, Omanis, Min, Mon, Mani, OMB, Ono, Omit, MN, Mn, Mona, ON, Om, On, Domini, Odin, Olin, Orin, Anni, Emmi, Omens, Ami, Oms, One, Own, Uni, Amii, Arni, Omar, Oona, Agni, Oman's, Omen's and
has a power level of 28dbm, giving full legal output
at 36dbm with the 8dbi superpass.

Signals should be greatly improved in the local area.

The other Bullet is coupled to a 25dbi gridpackgrid pack, grid-pack, gridlock, juridic, critic, geriatric, cryptic, Gretzky pointing
towards Node JAAJADA, JANA, JAVA, AA, JAE, JAY, JAR, JAW, JAN, JAB, JAG, JAM, AAA, FAA, BAA which is received at a level of around
-75 dbm.

A third link is planned to point towards Cranbourne.

watch this space.

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