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Spelling: NodeIGY

Describe NodeIGYNordic, Nosegay, Node, Bodega, Nodding, Notify, Dodgy, Noddy, Noriega, Nodes, Dougy, Node's, Nudity, Nedi, Indigo, Needing, Diego, Neddy, Deg, Dig, Doggy, Needy, Nod, Nordics, Nooky, Nadiya, Nodded, Noting, Deng, Nagy, Note, Nude, Nedi's, Nods, Nudging, Stodgy, Nader, Nadia, Nerty, Netty, Nydia, Decay, Decoy, Nadir, Needier, Nerdy, Nuder, Undergo, Noddy's [1] here.
22/09/04 set up wan on desktop comp
10/10/04 set up wan on laptop got them to talk to each other ????
19/10/04 built a 11 dbiDebi, dB, db, FBI, Bi, DI, Di, bi, DUI, dbl, DWI, RBI, obi, dB's, db's ant at 6 meters feed with 10 meters of
cfd-400 coax.
next month i hope to make a 32 slot ant and put it up on the tower at
15 meters
and possibly put up a hi gain direcDirac, direct, Doric, Duroc, dire, direr, Derek, Dore, dirge, DEC, Dec, Draco, Dre, drier, rec, dried, dries, Dare, Dirk, Drew, dare, dike, dirk, drew, tire, Dirac's ant on the rotor.

anyone in my area that can do some tests with me could you please
email me
and i will contact you.

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?NodeIGY

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