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Spelling: NodeJCB

Somewhere near the corner of Belgrave-Gembrook & Emerald-Monbulk

I have more than enough hardware:

2x WRT54GSs (in use, OpenWRTOpenest, Opened, Operate, Operetta, Penrod, Opponent, Opined, Upend, Upended, Operator, Operand [1] in WDSEDS, WADS, WEDS, DDS, IDS, ODS, W'S, ADS, WES, WIS, WAS, D'S, ED'S, WED'S, WAD'S, AD'S, CD'S, GD'S, MD'S, ND'S, PD'S, RD'S, ID'S, WM'S, WU'S mode) 1x R100s 2x .11b
MinitarMini tar, Mini-tar, Minotaur, Minta, Mintier, Minuter, Monitor, Minter, Minibar, Minute, Minetta, Minot, Minuit, Mint, Minister, Minda, Manta, Minty, Vinita, Mentor, Minder, Minster, Minta's APsApes, Apps, Apse, Asp, Pas, Alps, Amps, Asps, AP, As, PS, UPS, Ops, Ups, Baps, Caps, Gaps, Laps, Maps, Naps, Paps, Raps, Saps, Taps, Yaps, Zaps, A's, AIs, APO, PPS, Ape, App, Ass, ABS, APB, APR, Apr, Ats, DPs, Abs, Ads, Ans, Apt, Bps, Cps, Fps, Rps, Alp's in weatherproof housing 2x 19dB Grids

Just need LOS, power supplies for Minitars, and misc mounting
hardware. Maybe a small telo-mast.

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?OpenWRT

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