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Spelling: NodeJTQ

JTQQT, JCT, JET, JOT, JUT, KT, JATO, JUTE, JETS, JOTS, JUTS, CT, JD, TX, TC, GT, JG, GTE, JED, JUD, JAG, JIG, JOG, JUG, QTY, FTC, JFK, OTC, PDQ, CTN, CTR, ETC, MTG, JET'S, CT'S consists of a WL500g and a UltrawapUltras, Ultra, Flytrap, Entrap, Ultrahigh, Entryway, Ulterior and a 2x 24db Dishes. 1
pointed at ILEOLE, ILEA, LIE, IL, ILSE, IDLE, ISLE, IKE, AILE, IE, LE, ILA, ILL, ALE, KILE, MILE, NILE, SILE, BILE, FILE, PILE, RILE, TILE, VILE, WILE, ILK, ICE, IVE, IRE, I'LL, I'VE with a stable link, the other in limbo.


16/7/09 - Tried a link to ICQ, found I had LOS, but there was to
much noise to facilitate a stable link at 2.4ghz. Currently back on

23/2/09 - Got a PoEPoe, POW, Pie, Pow, Ope, PE, PO, Po, Pole, Pope, Poem, Poet, Poke, Pone, Pore, Pose, OE, Pee, Poi, Poo, BPOE, Pol, Pod, Pom, Pop, Pot, DOE, Doe, EOE, Joe, Moe, Noe, Zoe, Foe, Hoe, Roe, Toe, Voe, Woe, Pox, Poe's, Po's [1] adapter from petePete, Peter, Petey, peter, PET, Pet, pet, Petr, pee, Pate, Peta, pate, pets, Pele, Pepe, fete, mete, peke, Pete's, Pet's, pet's so i can finally run the WLL, EL, WK, W, LL, AWL, OWL, AL, CL, FL, IL, PL, TL, UL, WW, WY, XL, BL, KL, ML, WA, WC, WI, WP, WV, WM, WU, WE, WT, W'S
with out power problems, so now i have it up and running 24/7.

12/11/08 - waiting for petePete, Peter, Petey, peter, PET, Pet, pet, Petr, pee, Pate, Peta, pate, pets, Pele, Pepe, fete, mete, peke, Pete's, Pet's, pet's to tell me which way to polarize, waiting
for activity on the mailing list so i can get a idea of whats
happening on the other side of the bay.

7/11/08 - Pulled the UltrawapUltras, Ultra, Flytrap, Entrap, Ultrahigh, Entryway, Ulterior down to set it up for the Link to Port
Arlington, raised wind surfing mast at south end of house.

22/10/08 - Epoxying the hills is now finished and the dish is up on
the roof with the WL500g pointed at ILE, managed to connect at 36Mbs
not bad! for a 33km link.

16/8/08 - Found that the feed horn on my newly acquired Hills dish
was ridiculously unstable, I glued it on properly with some epoxy.
Next step is getting it all on the roof, and pointing it, i think ill
swap the UltrawapUltras, Ultra, Flytrap, Entrap, Ultrahigh, Entryway, Ulterior with the WL500g for the GHOGO, HO, GAO, GHQ, GEO, GOO, GPO, WHO, RHO, THO, OHO link. As for my
lightning detector project, (which can be seen at the bottom of this
page) I've nearly finished the board at school and I'm now figuring
out how to hook it up to the WL500g, maybe getting a USBSUB, USN, SB, US, USA, USO, USS, USE, USU, USP hub and a USBSUB, USN, SB, US, USA, USO, USS, USE, USU, USP
to serial adapter is the way to go.

13/8/08 - Bought Node KAK'sJack's, Jake's, Kaja's, Keck's, Kerk's, Kirk's, Cake's, Gawk's, Kike's, Kook's, Gk's, Kc's, Kai's, Kay's, Jacki's, Jacky's, Kan's, Kat's, Zak's, Oak's, Yak's, Cakes, Keg's, Kikes, Jacks, Kafka's, Khaki's, Jakie's, Kala's, Kale's, Kali's, Karl's, Kial's, Lark's, Knack's, Lack's, Lake's, Leak's, Jock's, Joke's, Ark's, Auk's, K's, Kodak's, Kojak's, Gawks, Jags, Jg's, Kapok's, Kayak's, Kicks, Kirks, Kooks, JFK's, Jae's, Jay's, Kaia's, Kiah's, Cask's, Jar's, Jaw's, Khakis, Kink's, Baku's, Kacy's, Kain's, Kama's, Kane's, Kano's, Kara's, Kare's, Kari's, Karo's, Kary's, Kata's, Kate's, Kath's, Kati's, Katy's, Kaye's, Kean's, Mack's, Mark's, Park's, Saki's, Wake's WL500g and Cm9 and dish, (don't worry imI'm, IMO, om, um, MI, mi, IBM, IMF, imp, ism, IN, In, in, aim, I, M, i, m, AM, Am, EM, Em, am, em, Jim, Kim, Sim, Tim, dim, him, rim, vim, IA, IE, Ia, Io, Ir, MM, Wm, ii, mm, BM, Cm, FM, Fm, GM, HM, ID, IL, IQ
not letting him get away from MW) and I'm proceeding to set it up.

11/8/08 - Fixed my static route and added a small web page >>

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?PoE
[2] http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii296/cal_40/view-1.jpg
[3] http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii296/cal_40/South_pana.jpg
[4] http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii296/cal_40/North_East_pan.jpg
[7] http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii296/cal_40/GPS_Modual.jpg
[8] http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii296/cal_40/gpswindow.jpg

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