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Node KAZ.

Hey, this node will be located at 11 ErowalRowel, Avowal, Trowel, Oral, Errol, Aerial, Erroll, Areal, Aral, Ural, Arawak, Arousal, Drywall, Urinal, Aerosol, Auroral, Crewel Street. Hopping to mount
the antenna/s on the top off the TV antenna. Double story house so
hoping that i wont need a mast.

Theoretically I want to point directly to KAL, but there are a few
trees in the way, so if that fails I am going to point to GHO, then
run an L2TP IPSecOPEC, Upset, Isac, Apse, Opes, Issac, Apses, UPC, UPS, Apace, Ops, Ups, Apes, Parsec, Apex, Ipecac, Isaac, Aspic, Apiece, Apse's, Isak, Epic, Ape's VPNVON, VP, VAN, VIN, JPN, LPN between mine and KAL'sKala's, Kale's, Kali's, Karl's, Kial's, Cal's, Gal's, Kyla's, Kola's, Kaela's, Kaila's, Kaile's, Kalle's, Kalli's, Kally's, Karla's, Karly's, Kayla's, Kayle's, Jail's, Koala's, Kalb's, Kalie's, Klaus, Cale's, Cali's, Carl's, Gael's, Gail's, Gale's, Gall's, Gaul's, Jul's, Karlis, Kele's, Kiel's, Kile's, Kohl's, Kyle's, Gala's, Gaol's, Keel's, Kilo's, Koalas, Al's, Cl's, Gals, Kai's, Kay's, Dal's, Eal's, Hal's, Kan's, Kat's, Mal's, Sal's, Val's, Coal's, Goal's, Pal's, Kolas, Col's, Gil's, Calls, Galas, Gales, Galls, Gel's, Kills, Kilos, Kyles ciscodisco, Crisco, Cuzco, Rosco, fiasco, Wisc, disc, misc, sicko, Circe, Cissy, circa, cissy, Isacco, Soc, sic, soc, scow, xis, Isac, civic, sics, Moscow, Roscoe, SC, Sc, sick, Cicero, scissor, sis, NSC, assoc, circus, Biscay, Cesaro, miscue, Cece, ceca, Fisk, Isak, Sacco, cask, cyst, disk, masc, risk, xi's, zinc, Sask, Cesar, Sissy, cigar, ciggy, sissy, Sc's, Cy's, Si's, Cissy's, Circe's routers.


Nothing Yet


Still none Year 12 takes priority, *coff*


None, I'm stingy.
Possible web cam, but their isn't much to look at.
I mean who likes looking at the bloody pine trees at the golf corse.


Intending to purchase a parabolic antenna 24dbi


Parents tight about year 12

F***ing tree's ( I'm surrounded by golf courses)

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[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?CategoryNode

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