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Spelling: Thinkpad-minipci

Transplanted into my T41 from a thinkpadthink pad, think-pad, thanked, thinks, think, thinkers, thinker, thinned, chinked, thunks, tinkled, thunk, thinking, honked, jinked, rinked, tankard, thanks, thank, thinker's, inked, thinkable, finked, kinked, linked, oinked, pinked, tanked, thickened, tinpot, winked, thicket R50.

Manufactured for IBM by Philips.
uses the AthosAt hos, At-hos, Ethos, Authors, Otho's, Oaths, Bathos, Pathos, Oath's, Author's, This, Those, Thous, Ahoys, Autos, Earths, Ats, Athens, Author, Earth's, Ethos's, Baths, Laths, Maths, Paths, Ethe's, Otha's, Otho, Th's, Thus, At's, Kath's, Bath's, Lath's, Math's, Path's, Theo's, Auto's, Anthe's, Arther's, Arthur's, Eartha's, Thor's, Aether's, Bathos's, Pathos's drivers (download from IBM website)

has the usual "Main" and "aux" ant cables that route through the
screen of the notebook.

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