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Spelling: Wavemon

A Linux [1] app for monitoring received signal strength and noise
levels in wireless devices.

From the WavemonCaveman, Cavemen, Wavering, Woven, Warming, Waterman, Vermin, Waving, Women, Woman home page [2]:
_wavemon is a ncurses-based monitor for wireless devices. It allows
you to watch the signal and noise levels, packet statistics, device
configuration, and network parameters of your wireless network
hardware. It has currently only been tested with the LucentLu cent, Lu-cent, Lucien, Lent, Cent, Laurent, Lucinda, Scent, Linet, Lucine, Lucina, Ascent, Decent, Docent, Lament, Latent, Recent, Linnet, Lynnet, Lento, Lint, Lucienne, Lucien's, Lancet, Lucita, Lucite, Melicent, Milicent, Lend, Lest, Lust, Placenta, Sent, Lucine's Orinoco
series of cards, although it should work (with varying features) with
all devices supported by the wireless kernel extensions written by
Jean Tourrilhes._


Other software at WarDrivingWar Driving, War-Driving, Wardering, Driving, Deriving, Striving, Droving, Watering, Driven [3]

[1] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?Linux
[2] http://freshmeat.net/projects/wavemon/
[3] http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/?WarDriving

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